Beauty through simplicity

We pride ourselves on devliering a user experience out of the ordinary. By simplifying the workflow, LIRIS offers the clinician time to focus on the patient's care.


Putting together the best aspects of the paper file and groundbreaking innovations, LIRIS offers you the best of two worlds.


Forget the time spent browsing the multiple tabs of a programme to gather together scattered pieces of information. With only two main pages, LIRIS presents the information you need in a simple and comprehensive manner. 

Intelligent and connected

Simplicity through technology


A unique integration

Offering a unique and comprehensive solution to manage an ophthalmology clinic is of great importance to us to. With LIRIS, we achieved a significant step toward this goal. Having multiple programmes open on your screen to do what you want is a thing of the past. LIRIS is as much an Electronic Health Record (EHR) as it is an accounting software or a calendar.

Drawing made easy for you. Within the editting mode of the consultation, use themouse or a «pen» to draw what you’ve observed. LIRIS offers countless opportunities.

dessiner un fond d'oeil

You are a sub-specialist ? No problem, LIRIS offers a wide variety of modules. They are designed and customizable to fit the needs of every ophthalmologist.

LIRIS security

Swiss quality guaranteed.

Confdentiality and security are embedded in LIRIS' DNA. We continually invest in the most recent and trustable technologies to guarantee the safety of your data.

Your information is kept on Swiss servers compliant with the most rigorous standards (SSL encryptions, ISO/IEC 27001 certifcation, PCI DS, surveillance 24/7) and located at the heart of our mountains.

With the same security level as your banking information, your data is better protected than on your office server while remaining entirely at your disposal. 

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