Our Strength


Beauty through simplicity


We pride ourselves on devliering a user experience out of the ordinary. By simplifying the workflow, LIRIS offers the clinician time to focus on the patient's care.


Putting together the best aspects of the paper file and groundbreaking innovations, LIRIS offers you the best of two worlds.


Forget the time spent browsing the multiple tabs of a programme to gather together scattered pieces of information. With only two main pages, LIRIS presents the information you need in a simple and comprehensive manner. 

Intelligent and connected

Simplicity through technology

Whether you’re using your computer at your practice, your tablet from home or your smartphone at a conference, LIRIS will give you a secure access to all your data and those of your patients.

To offer you a product worthy of your skills, we built LIRIS on a platform that is as strong as flexible. This unique asset allows LIRIS to integrate your feedbacks without compromising its strength. Groundbreaking today means ahead tomorrow.


A unique integration

It is important to us to offer a single and comprehensive solution to manage your practice. Programmes that can only help you with one task belong to the past. Whether it is invoicing, generating letters, sending documents to your colleagues or creating prescriptions, LIRIS takes care of everything.

Sicurezza LIRIS 

Qualità svizzera garantita.

Il principio di riservatezza e sicurezza dei vostri dati fa parte del DNA di LIRIS. Per garantirvelo, investiamo continuamente nelle tecnologie d’avanguardia piú a dabili.


I vostri dati sono conservati in server esclusivamente svizzeri che soddisfano gli standard piú esigenti (criptaggio SSL, certi cazione ISO/IEC 27001, PCI DS, sorveglianza 24/7).


Benefciando dello stesso livello di sicurezza delle informazioni bancarie, i vostri dati sono piú protetti di quelli contenuti nel server di qualsiasi altro studio medico, con il vantaggio di essere completamente a vostra disposizione.